The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from My New Dell

I got my new computer on Sunday! Which was the perfect day for it since it's going to take days to fully set up, and since it rained on and off, I had plenty of time, though we did end up going out to pick up a contactless delivery wireless mouse from Best Buy because I needed a good working mouse! Weirdly, Dell had told me the computer would be delivered in mid-May and although they sent me a tracking number, it indicated the computer hadn't left the warehouse, so it's a good thing we didn't take an early walk or it would have arrived when we weren't here, without a single text saying it was coming.

That and a Zoom chat with friends were really all I got accomplished before a busy TV night: Batwoman (I love Mary!), then World on Fire (puts current crises in perspective), then Run (the better I know these characters, the more I dislike them), then Last Week Tonight (no, fuck you, John, we really do not need to discuss Tara Reade), then the Westworld season finale (none of my predictions were right and if That One Actor is not coming back, I will be extremely upset, because "death" means very little for hosts). From our neighbor's fish pond, a seasonal frog!


2020-05-01 17.47.23

2020-04-29 17.36.36



2020-05-01 17.47.01

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