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Poem for Friday and Yellowstone 1992

Buffalo Spirit
By Lois Red Elk

Somewhere in beginnings, when light was
extended from Inyan the stone, hoof prints
were set for our path into relativity. We
existed there within the value of nature,
common beings where original womb was
the core of Wind Cave. Our soul, our essence
was of the 4-legged, a spirit breathed into the
life body of Pte, the Female Buffalo for our
awakening. I longed for that time, where
Tatanka Sicun, Buffalo Spirit as ancestor,
mingled with mine, a conception from the
power and matter of the hallowed, from the
one they call Taku Wakan, the Unknown
Sacred. It was a divine plan for our future
life, a guide for our earthly life, two in one
soul. Then yesterday it came, as expected
in this mind, transformed to the sacred level,
to be understood for these times. It came
in the form of trucks and trailers carrying
sacred beings into the realm of our higher
plains, the kind that honor land as Maka
Unchi, and Maka Ina, Grandmother Earth,
Mother Earth, giver of all life. It came as
moral knowledge, in collaboration with
like believers, perpetrations of wisdom, of
heart, of prayer, and from above. For this
believer, our twin hearts, our twin spirits
sprinted out of eons of demise and back into
our lives. Their essence, a buoyance of
energy filling the present time with new air,
new thoughts, new prayers, new dreams for
our night time mingling. We roared with love,
with ceremony, with food, with appreciation.
All of us, the Tatanka Oyate, the Ikce Oyate,
the common people and the spirit of all living
beings, we roared the way we will always
remember from the voices of Wind Cave.


The highlight of my Thursday was an unexpected Skype call from Paul's parents, who were hoping we could connect them with other family members now that they're turning the computer on again. So we texted Noelle to see if she was around, and ended up (after some technical difficulties) Skyping with her while she and her husband Tommy played with baby Penelope, who is now caught up in size and was smiling and adorable!

We caught up on this week's Legends (a little too bad college movie for my taste) after this week's Blindspot (a little too Mass Conspiracy Craziness for my taste for the final season, though always glad to see Bill Nye) and another episode of Hollywood (a little too silly revisionist history about homophobia and racism when everyone's cool with the lead actress living unmarried with a director). From today's scans, 1992 Yellowstone!









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