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Poem for Sunday and Distanced in the Park

Holding Posture
By Howard Altmann

History sits on a chair
in a room without windows.
Mornings it searches for a door,
afternoons it naps.
At the stroke of midnight,
it stretches its body and sighs.
It keeps time and loses time,
knows its place and doesn’t know its place.
Sometimes it considers the chair a step,
sometimes it believes the chair is not there.
To corners it never looks the same.
Under a full moon it holds its own.
History sits on a chair
in a room above our houses.


Watching Snowpiercer with Chris Evans because the TV show premieres tomorrow night and we didn't remember a lot of the details, it's quite enjoyable though pretty heavy handed as allegory and I had it in my head that Ed Harris was responsible for freezing the world in the first place! It was the opposite of freezing here, in the mid-80s, so we persuaded my parents to walk in Cabin John Park instead of around the neighborhood, and it wasn't so hot under the trees along the creek. Later we Skyped with the kids (with our cats and Adam and Katherine's dog making frequent guest appearances). A few pics:

2020-05-16 15.36.25

2020-05-16 15.37.15

2020-05-16 15.11.41

2020-05-16 15.37.42

2020-05-16 19.06.46

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