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Poem for Sunday and Barbados

After The Storm
By Derek Walcott

There are so many islands!
As many islands as the stars at night
on that branched tree from which meteors are shaken
like falling fruit around the schooner Flight.
But things must fall,and so it always was,
on one hand Venus,on the other Mars;
fall,and are one,just as this earth is one
island in archipelagoes of stars.
My first friend was the sea.Now,is my last.
I stop talking now.I work,then I read,
cotching under a lantern hooked to the mast.
I try to forget what happiness was,
and when that don't work,I study the stars.
Sometimes is just me,and the soft-scissored foam
as the deck turn white and the moon open
a cloud like a door,and the light over me
is a road in white moonlight taking me home.
Shabine sang to you from the depths of the sea.


A long Memorial Day weekend just does not have the same charm when we can't go anywhere. It wasn't a bad Saturday: we made two loaves of sourdough bread, got a couple of deliveries, Skyped with Paul's parents and brother with guest appearances at various times by my father, Adam, and Daniel and his girlfriend, and took a walk in the late afternoon in the woods when it was a bit cooler.

We had cassoulet with our sourdough, then we watched Maleficent: Mistress of Evil now that it's on Disney+. I'd heard that it wasn't nearly as good as the original but I didn't expect it to be so dark and to have Maleficent and Aurora separated for pretty much the whole movie, so despite gorgeous cinematography, not one of my favorites. Here as promised are some photos from my family's trip to Barbados in 1980:









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