The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Iceland

Dagliljan (Daylilies)
By Magnús Sigurðsson
Translated by Meg Matich

Nú glitrar

í krónu

Hún sem er
í senn

sem fyllist

og bikar
sem tæmist

hvern nýjan dag.


The morning sun

on the crown
of a daylily.

A wellspring
that fills

and a cruet
that empties

each day.


I have nothing exciting to report from my Wednesday -- scanned some skating photos, found an entire album of Paul's childhood photos and scanned those, took a walk, talked to some neighbors, watched The 100 (so many awesome women), the season premiere of Agents of SHIELD (really good!), the new What We Do in the Shadows (Guillermo!), plus the beginning of the fifth season of Arrested Development which we had forgotten was even a thing, but I am sulking because these were my photos from last year today and I wish I was there now:

2019-05-27 12.04.39

2019-05-27 09.32.28




2019-05-27 12.56.28

2019-05-27 13.08.31



2019-05-27 20.07.26

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