The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Assawoman Bay

Flickr misbehaved a lot tonight so it took a really long time to upload these photos -- fortunately The Greatest Showman was on FX to distract me while I waited, after a late ghost crab walk on the beach! Here's another glorious vacation day in brief, public places a bit more crowded than the rainy day before, so we went to a nature preserve during the peak beach hours after lunch and went back to the ocean after the lifeguards went off duty (still early enough for my arms to get sunburned watching dolphins):

Egret at Assawoman Bay State Wildlife Area

The overlook tower we climbed to see the bay from above

2020-07-02 14.18.03
Masks off temporarily to take a selfie while watching fish in the river

2020-07-02 15.12.56
Masks on while going to get Kohr Bros, again

Two of at least seven dolphins playing near Fenwick Island Beach

2020-07-02 18.46.07
Grotto Pizza, delivered for dinner instead of being eaten on the boardwalk like we do most years

2020-07-02 20.12.47
Sunset sky over Coastal Route One

2020-07-02 22.17.37
Bethany Beach canceled their official fireworks for July 4th, but someone was setting off some impressive ones from there over the beach

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