The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Butler's Orchard

We've eaten all the blueberries we picked a few weeks ago, so on Sunday after some morning chores and lunch, we went back to Butler's Orchard with a timed ticket to pick more. It was quite hot but a dark cloud floated over us as we approached the farm, then we were rained on when we first started picking, but that made the heat tolerable and we got lots of berries. Plus apaulled made deviled eggs and tomato pepper jack soup for dinner.

We watched the two-part season finale of Snowpiercer, which was great -- I'm very glad the leads will apparently be back next season and I like the direction they went in and the double twist! I root for Jennifer Connelly the way I root for various women on The 100 and am then horrified with myself. We also watched Perry Mason, which sometimes seems dark just for the sake of it; I'm only there for Rhys and Maslany, and I bet she's gone next season.

2020-07-12 14.38.28

2020-07-12 14.44.33

2020-07-12 14.32.12

2020-07-12 14.36.12

2020-07-12 14.36.18

2020-07-12 15.01.26

2020-07-12 14.44.50

2020-07-12 18.34.56

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