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Greetings from the Meowth Balloon

I was just outside looking at Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings through the telescope (the comet is too low on the horizon, we couldn't get a decent vantage point) so I'll be brief! It was just me and one friend on my high school chat today, everyone else was busy, but we still managed to talk for two hours, and I did a bunch of work around it and went for a walk when it was thundering and overcast so not too hot. We ate leftover fettuccine and watched She Loves Me on PBS with Zachary Levi and Laura Benanti, which was enjoyable and not at all deep, around baseball games that did not go the way I wanted for the most part. Tomorrow I'm going to be busy all day with Pokemon Go Fest! These giant lichen have been popping up in the woods since we've had all the rain, they're very pretty:

2020-07-22 20.03.18

2020-07-22 20.03.23


2020-07-22 20.03.11

2020-07-23 17.54.32

2020-07-22 20.03.05

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