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Greetings from Glenstone

Sunday was hot but ended up being a gorgeous day. We had tickets to go to Glenstone, where the main pavilion is open again though with strict rules about where people can walk and when; we visited a couple of the huge installations, like Robert Gober's huge forest mural room with running water, but mostly we walked around the water court with its water lilies and plants (we could hear frogs but we didn't manage to see any, though there were butterflies and grasshoppers both in the water court and all through the meadow. Now I've seen Split-Rocker in three seasons and we have tickets to go back in October for the fall.

2020-08-02 16.02.24

2020-06-28 15.23.42




2020-08-02 16.02.11

I got home a bit late but still managed to chat with several fannish friends on Zoom for over an hour. We had dinner with my parents -- they had Greek food delivered from Trapezaria, which was delicious -- then came home in time for Perry Mason, which I am enjoying so much more now that it's more a courtroom drama with investigative aspects and not constant violence and bloody corpses, though the overall treatment of women is pretty horrifying and they better not do anything terrible to Tatiana Maslany's Sister Alice or there will be a lengthy rant here next week. Now John Oliver is being appropriately bitter about the state of things.

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