The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Brookside

We had a fairly quiet but nice Saturday. It rained through the morning, so we just did stuff around the house, then the storms passed through and we decided to go to Brookside Gardens, where there were many summer flowers in bloom, many turtles and frogs in the pond, and not a lot of people! (Wildlife photos from camera tomorrow, these are us from my phone.)

2020-08-29 16.12.17

2020-08-29 16.04.35

2020-08-29 16.08.45

2020-08-29 15.37.26

In the evening we watched Black Panther because we don't have a copy of 42 in the house and there was really nothing else I was in the mood to watch. It's so much sadder than the last time I watched it, and Killmonger's story is tragic no matter how much I resist yet another absolute patriarchal monarchy framework. I'm going to miss Boseman's non-MCU work even more.

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