The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and A Couple of Storms

The Endless
By Timothy Donnelly

I saw a yellow butterfly
in my opinion
the wrong way, flying across
the sound
to Connecticut

I saw a cormorant
close to the sea’s surface
as I floated on it on

my back in
the attitude of the crucifixion
minerals in my body
conversation with
the minerals of the sea

about the sun
how can I possibly
to what’s already been said
so well
by the ancients

and said with
an austerity I’ll never
it is an honor to take
a backseat to the ancients
who knew how

I was a fat white fish
under the sold-out stadium sun
like a god
but like a god
I could live through anything.


Thursday was eventful in that I actually went somewhere! Fine, it was to the car dealership to drop off the car to get the wheel straightened out and the rest of it checked, but that's the furthest I've driven in I don't know how long. And hey, the van works! So I brought spouse back, with a stop in the Starbucks parking lot to do a Pokemon raid from the car, and that pretty much counts as an expedition. If only I'd gotten to see actual people I knew in person, think how exciting it would have been!

Otherwise all the excitement of the day were tornado and flood warnings -- we saw a lot of high water around the neighborhood, but no tornado -- and lots of rain, then a bunny when we took a walk when it was taking a break. Oh, and my brother-in-law had emergency gall bladder surgery, but he's fine, though my in-laws were shaken! We watched Captain America: Civil War to continue the Chadwick Boseman marathon and because we were in the mood for it. Here's what I'll remember about the past two days:

2020-09-03 18.53.39

2020-09-03 18.53.15

2020-09-03 19.09.36

2020-09-03 19.05.17

2020-09-02 12.47.44

2020-09-02 16.55.29

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