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Greetings from Homestead Farm

Watching the end of Endgame, which we started late because we were Skyping with the kids, two of whom are in the midst of making plans to move to Seattle, which will make it much more convenient to visit them all when eventually we can visit people again long distance. Earlier in the day, we went to pick apples at Homestead Farm, which was a bit of a failure as the apple crop is a bit of a mess -- not sure how much from all the heat and rain and how much from being short-staffed this season, but we ended up deciding it wasn't worth the trouble finding decent looking ones and just walked through the orchard, visited the goats and pigs, saw turtles and frogs in the pond, and enjoyed the marigolds and wildflowers (the farm store is open-air but there was a kid having a coughing fit inside so we didn't venture in). Here's a butterfly enjoying the apples, more photos soon:

2020-09-05 15.16.33A

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