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Greetings from What Time Is It

Facebook has decided this evening that whether I'm using the old or new format, I'm not allowed to see my own photos except in album view (nor reply to comments people left on them), and Blogger apparently sets of Facebook's content warning triggers, and LiveJournal is supposed to be down for maintenance, so no one may see this entry anyway and I'll keep it short.

It was a gorgeous day without much excitement, though I did set foot in a grocery store. We had gone to take a walk at Cabin John Park and stopped at the local vegetable stand, but they were out of corn and cider and Paul was so disappointed that we risked a dash in and out of Giant (no crowds, no lines, everyone had masks on). We're getting most food delivered tomorrow.

The bunny on our cul-de-sac was munching in our neighbor's yard and the cats were all piled on beds upstairs in honor of the cooler weather. We watched Antiques Roadshow and football in the evening (not rooting for the Raiders even if they're in Vegas now). Here is some music from Mount Vernon's Colonial Fair yesterday, including violins being made by a local craftsman:

2020-09-20 14.02.23

2020-09-20 15.26.26

2020-09-20 14.02.55



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