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Greetings from Glenstone

After two days with unseasonably warm temperatures, autumn returned on Sunday with rain much of the day and high temperatures only around 50 degrees. We had a reservation to go to Glenstone from months ago, so after lunch, we packed umbrellas and headed out. We only had drizzle and the grounds had very few people; we only walked through the pavilion to reach the water courtyard, so social distancing was easy. Most of the trees are red-yellow-brown and the garden meadow has many fewer flowers than in the summer, but Split-Rocker is still in bloom:

2020-10-25 14.28.53

2020-10-25 14.07.51

2020-10-25 14.19.54

2020-10-25 15.27.46

We came home in the late afternoon, I chatted online with friends for a while, we watched some football, I folded laundry, then we had dinner and Skyped with our kids. We're still thinking about going to Seattle for a few days in November -- it's very unlikely that we'll see them before late spring at the earliest otherwise, and I don't actually expect it to be safer then, since there's no way a vaccine will be distributed so soon even if it's developed (and depending on how the elections and other things go, it may actually be a lot less safe).

In between the World Series and late football (Seattle just lost in a very sad overtime), we watched Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. My reaction to it reminded me of my reaction to most South Park, which is that the hilarious, socially relevant parts generally outweighed the cringe-worthy parts though some bits are painful to watch -- the ending "revenge story" did have us laughing out loud, especially the Famous Actor Cameo, and the scenes with Giuliani, Pence, the QAnon idiots, and the crisis pregnancy center made up for a lot.

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