The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday and Split-Rocker Seasons

Political Haiku
By Jean Hall

Habeas corpus
And that pesky Bill of Rights
Who needs 'em? Wink. Wink.


We just watched the last episode of Schitt's Creek, followed by the CBC making-of special, both of which were delightful and heartwarming and moving plus a nice distraction from the news that has me grinding my teeth and wanting to vomit coronavirus germs all over certain people who seem to be immune anyway. I didn't have a terrible day -- got a lovely glass bowl on Freecycle, took a walk in beautiful fall weather, finished a computer project, a silly craft, and a Pokemon quest.

But I am in an extremely shitty mood because of the Supreme Court (new justice and Wisconsin ruling just as much because the court has now declared that nine justices, not states, decide how elections are carried out), the Speaker of the House's straight-up declarations of corruption, and the promise of election fraud from the President of the United States. So here are some photos of Split-Rocker at Glenstone in four seasons (blooming in three of them) because that, at least, briefly cheers me up!


2020-08-02 16.02.24

2020-06-28 15.23.42



2020-08-02 15.58.48



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