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Lyrics for Saturday and Brookside Autumn

By Mary Carpenter

I can tell by the way you're walking
That you don't want company
I'll let you alone and I'll let you walk on
And in your own good time you'll be
Back where the sun can find you
Under the wise wishing tree
And with all of them made we'll lie under the shade
And call it a jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're talking
That the past isn't letting you go
But there's only so long you can take it along
Then the wrong's got to be on its own
And when you're ready to leave it behind you
You'll look back and all that you'll see
Is the wreckage and rust that you left in the dust
On your way to the jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're listening
That you're still expecting to hear
Your name being called like a summons to all
Who have failed to account for their doubts and their fears
They can't add up to much without you
And so if it were just up to me
I'd take hold of your hand, saying come hear the band
Play your song at the jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're searching
For something you can't even name
That you haven't been able to come to the table
Simply glad that you came
And when you feel like this try to imagine
That we're all like frail boats on the sea
Just scanning the night for that great guiding light
Announcing the jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're standing
With your eyes filling with tears
That it's habit alone keeps you turning for home
Even though your home is right here
Where the people who love you are gathered
Under the wise wishing tree
May we all be considered then straight on delivered
Down to the jubilee

For the people who love you are waiting
And they'll wait just as long as need be
When we look back and say those were halcyon days
We're talking about jubilee


For Becky, for reasons I explained in yesterday's post.

Friday was kind of a blur -- not entirely a bad one, I talked to a lot of old friends and I read a lot of old correspondence from Becky and from other people we both knew in the mid to late '90s via fandom, plus the weather was gorgeous, nearly 70 degrees. We had (faux) meatball subs for dinner. I didn't like this week's Mandalorian so much, but that's to do with the genre.

We also watched Tim Rice's musical version of From Here To Eternity on Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Shows Must Go On channel, which has some lovely songs, though the source material has pretty stereotypical roles especially for women and parts of the show seem similar to if not derivative of South Pacific, Miss Saigon, and Biloxi Blues. Brookside fall flowers and leaves:

2020-10-31 14.22.31





2020-10-31 14.34.10

2020-10-31 14.23.05

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