The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Great Falls

Paul had Wednesday off, so we slept late and had a quiet morning, then I chatted for a while with my high school friends, and then we went to Great Falls. It was overcast and cool, and the reptiles and amphibians are hibernating, but we saw lots of birds -- wrens and sparrows, black and turkey vultures, hawks, ducks, geese, a great blue heron. We had chili bowls for dinner and I talked to my college roommate on the phone for an hour.


2020-11-25 15.51.56



2020-11-25 15.06.40

Then we watched Happiest Season, which I enjoyed though I didn't completely adore, partly because of my overall resistance to Christmas movies. I love Kristen Stewart in everything, and Dan Levy's wry schtick works very well in this story. But the Big Family Squabble, played as broad farce, undercuts the emotion of the main characters in the moment and makes it hard to take certain family members' changes of heart seriously, a frequent flaw in the genre.

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