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The Little Review

Greetings for Sunday

Adam is here! We had ambitious plans to go hike at Carderock or Great Falls, Virginia before he arrived, since we had yet another day over 60 degrees (the winter jasmine is already blooming in our neighborhood), but we ended up needing to do laundry and the vacuum stopped working twice because the hose got jammed with all the cat fluff and I had lots of stuff to organize, both in email and in the house, from my birthday, so we wound up getting out later than expected to go to the airport. But it was still nice out.

We all have masks and we have HEPA filters in Adam's bedroom, our bedroom, and the living room; we ate dinner at the kitchen table with Adam at the dining table so there would be a door between us, but we could still converse, and we lit Chanukah candles and shared my leftover birthday cake. Then we watched the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special because son had not seen it. Meanwhile Daniel visited a friend who recently got a kitten, hence the photo below. Both sons got me Pokemon-themed birthday presents; photos to come!


2020-12-12 thomas kitten 2

2020-12-12 16.50.26

2020-12-12 20.48.32

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