The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday and Effie Everywhere

By Arthur Guiterman

Boulders huge and dales encumber
Where, in necromantic slumber
Arthur lies with all his peers
Through the long, long days of summer,
Through the long, long nights of winter,
Through the hundred, hundred years.

Gray is all the vale untrodden,
Cloud and crag are gray and hodden,
Gray the earth whence nothing grows;
Gray the hue of hills and rocks is;
Nothing red is there but foxes,
Nothing black is there but crows.

Deep the cavern: Twelvescore bowmen,
Fivescore knights with tenscore yeomen
Sleeping, hedge their sleeping lord,
Who reposes, silken-vested,
Golden-bearded, massy-chested,
Strong and silent as his sword.

Aye, the sword; what arm may guide it!
There it hangs, a horn beside it,
Near the cavern's outer bounds
Where in dreams of greenwood chases,
Clean-limbed, sprawl in fancied races
Fourteen packs of coupled hounds.

When the world is old and weary,
Loveless, lawless, mirthless, dreary,
Racked with doubt, by discord torn,
One shall come, in youth immortal,
Who shall cross the gloomy portal,
Draw the sword and blow the horn.

Broke shall be the spell; up-leaping
Hounds, fullcry, shall rouse the sleeping;
Steed shall neigh and steel shall ring;
Forth shall ride the doughty fighters,
Hate-subduers, evil-righters,
Knights and yeomen round their king.


Super-quick tonight because I have a pre-8 a.m. virtual doctor's appointment in the morning and have to be awake to be coherent. It was not an eventful Monday anyway, involving things like work, laundry, and taking a walk (with son this time, since his calls were over before it was dark) to enjoy the clear weather.

The Clive Owen King Arthur somehow came up at dinner and we ended up watching it; it holds up pretty well, especially having seen the terrible Taron Egerton King Arthur, though it looks surprisingly dated for a film set in 460 or so. Here are three views of Effie getting paper and fur everywhere between bouts of napping:

2020-12-31 10.55.40

2020-12-31 21.35.49

2021-01-03 23.01.27

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