The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from the Deck

The wind chill on Sunday was just as cold as Saturday, so again we did not rush to get out in the morning. Instead we did chores around the house -- our bathtub is leaking but we think it may be a caulking issue rather than a plumbing issue, so we tried plastic and paper towels, which seemed to work -- then we had plans to Skype the kids but one slept late and the other was out early, so by the time we got everyone sorted, we had already eaten lunch and I had already caught a bunch of dragon Pokemon with incense for the special research day.

So we talked to the kids plus my parents, took a walk around the neighborhood during which we saw more woodpeckers plus a lot of crows, and came home so I could Zoom and watch WandaVision with fan friends once we'd managed to figure out how to get everyone sharing the stream. I had the Green Bay-Tampa Bay on mute in the same room, after the unfortunate ending of which we had dinner and watched the equally unfortunate Buffalo-Kansas City game. So once again I must root for Tom Brady to lose a Super Bowl! This house finch visited our deck:





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