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Greetings from After the Super Bowl

We woke to more snow, though it stayed warm enough that it only collected on the cars and grass and had melted on the roads before noon. So we had a quiet morning -- I watched the first two episodes of WandaVision with a British friend, then we watched part of the Puppy Bowl before going to take a walk in Cabin John Park so we got at least a bit of exercise that didn't involve brushing snow off our vehicles.

I chatted on Zoom with friends for an hour or so before going to my parents for pizza and the Super Bowl. I was rooting for the Chiefs because I can't root for Tom Brady, but after the 700th defensive penalty on Kansas City, I stopped caring. Both my father and father-in-law were rooting for the Buccaneers, so at least they're happy. It's supposed to be bitterly cold overnight, so my goal for Monday is not to slip on ice.

2021-02-07 10.13.34

2021-02-07 09.03.17B


2021-02-07 17.59.34

2021-02-07 18.04.19

2021-02-07 18.56.36

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