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Greetings from Kanto Province

Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. was Pokemon Go's Kanto Tour event, and since there's a pandemic and a lot of ice on the ground, it seemed like a perfect day to catch a lot of Pokemon and do a lot of remote raids. I got to do some in the morning with friends in England, and in the afternoon with local friends -- I even got to see Kim, with whom I went to middle school and high school, from our respective vehicles -- and I tried to do one in the evening with younger son's girlfriend in Redmond though our timing ended up not working out.

So it was a pretty social day, and I got my shiny Ditto and a few other shinies and finished all the research despite a glitch booting me out of a crucial Mewtwo raid. I sorted and traded while watching -- what else -- Detective Pikachu, because it starts with basically the first scene from Mewtwo Strikes Back and makes me nostalgic for original Pokemon, and now we're howling through Saturday Night Live's sea shanties and Bridgerton intimacy coordinator issues. I forgot to take pictures in the park, so here are Pokemon at home:







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