The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday and Cute Squirrel

By Alice Dunbar-Nelson

A swift, successive chain of things,
That flash, kaleidoscope-like, now in, now out,
Now straight, now eddying in wild rings,
No order, neither law, compels their moves,
But endless, constant, always swiftly roves.


My Monday sucked in lots of little stupid ways that it has been suggested many times over the past year that I am Not Allowed To Complain About Because At Least No One Died Of Covid, but a year's worth of them is still a bitch. Anyway, in good news, the laundry is half done, the rain stopped in the afternoon, my Kickstarter transformation deck arrived, Paul made Glamorgan sausages for St. David's Day (yes I know he was problematic for women and pagans, but Welsh food is Welsh food), and Snowpiercer was great.

And my Barbie Tarot cards are now watermarked and posted to my web page and blog so the next time someone tries to steal and print them, they'll at least have to do some work cleaning them up first. I don't know how it got to be midnight, but Colbert won't shut up about Trump and on top of everything else, I am so done with rich supposed liberal entertainers trying to make more money by keeping Trump in our faces the way they helped get him into office in the first place. Here is a photo of my furry adopted son:


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