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Poem for Tuesday and Deer in the Woods

Distracted from COVID-19, Attention Shifts to MIA Maiden from Land O’Lakes Butter Box
By Tiffany Midge

America mourns for the Indian
figure who knelt like a supplicant before dairy,
fatly blessed our milks, our cheeses,

anointed our lands & shores.
The Google tutorials surface—
the “boob trick:” score the box & fold to make

a window for her knees to jut through.
O our butter maiden
brought all the boys to the yard.

Twittersphere so prostrate with grief
petitions are launched for the Dairy Princess:
O our pat O Americana,

O our dab O Disneyesque,
O our dollop O Heritage.
The mourning procession bears witness:

Jolly Green Giant & Chicken of the Sea Mermaid,
Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemimah,
magically delicious leprechaun & Peter Pan—

even the Argo Cornstarch Maiden & Mazola
Margarine “you call it corn, we call it maize”
spokesIndian raise stalks in solidarity.

Mia, aptly named, our butter girl mascot,
the only Indian woman gone missing
that anyone notices, anyone cares about.


Monday...was a Monday. I ran late on pretty much everything, but none of it was of huge consequence so it didn't matter! We saw lots of deer on our afternoon walk who only ran a few steps when approached by teenagers on bicycles:

2021-03-08 17.42.16

2021-03-08 17.41.40

2021-03-08 17.40.56

2021-03-08 17.41.15

2021-03-08 17.42.38

We had enchiladas for dinner and watched Snowpiercer, which really needs Sean, Daveed, and Jennifer in scenes together instead of on separate trains. Plus we caught up on The Flash, which I officially really don't care about any more.

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