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Greetings from Cabin John Park

Wednesday was another warm, gorgeous day, so instead of walking in the neighborhood, we went to Cabin John Park to look for flowers, birds, and spring peepers, which we heard in abundance. Apart from a lovely lunch hour chat with 2/3 of my high school best friends, and a defriending by an acquaintance whose attacks on Meghan Markle bothered me enough to say something, it was an uneventful chore day, so let's stick to photos of the park and, if you squint, the teeny frogs that make the lovely cacophany:

2021-03-10 17.42.47

2021-03-10 17.51.29

2021-03-10 17.34.22

2021-03-10 17.43.33

2021-03-10 17.53.32

2021-03-10 17.53.49

2021-03-10 17.30.44

The Masked Singer was back for a new season tonight and that made me happy, especially the Russian Dolls and Seashell -- the Raccoon should have gone home -- though I had to hear Jenny McCarthy (ugh) guess Ted Cruz (UGH) for the Snail and that was almost enough to make me vomit. Afterward we caught up on The Flash from the other night, though if the Mirror Mistress storyline doesn't end ASAP, that may be the last time I bother. We followed it up with Doom Patrol, which is much better, at least early seasons.

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