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Greetings from the Canal

Friday was an absolutely magnificent day outside, 68 degrees with daffodils coming into bloom everywhere in the neighborhood. We both worked on our computers in the late morning/early afternoon in the living room, to the distraction of the cats, so we could watch the Maryland men's basketball team lose to Michigan and the Maryland women's basketball team beat Northwestern in the Big 10 championships, so it was an okay day to be a Terrapin.

In the late afternoon, we went to the C&O Canal, where it was a great day to be a terrapin or at least a yellow-eared slider. We saw many turtles, a few frog, some ducks and geese, and lots of smaller birds. After dinner, we watched What If, the Daniel Radcliffe-Zoe Kazan-Adam Driver-Mackenzie David rom com, which is predictable but mostly harmless, so enjoyable as rom coms go. And now we're watching the South Park pandemic special, ha.






2021-03-12 17.53.49

2021-03-12 18.21.41

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