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Greetings from the Shell

I spent lots of Thursday on Zoom calls -- friends, extended family (west coast cousins), then my Voyager-watching group for "Tattoo" which it was particularly poignant to see this week since Henry Darrow, who plays Chakotay's father, passed away just a few days ago. I spent the rest of the evening watching second-season Doom Patrol and trying to figure out Maryland's just-changed vaccine eligibility requirements -- looks like I'll be able to pre-register everywhere before the end of the month, at least, though when I'll actually be able to track down a shot, who knows. I should volunteer for two weeks as a janitorial aide in a public school, since healthy 23-year-old school staffers are getting shots faster than 51-year-old college librarians who have asthma and just finished chemo (yes, that's someone I actually know). I hope no one is sick of turtles because these are from Brookside:








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