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Greetings from Locust Grove

Friday was nearly 80 degrees and sunny -- daffodils everywhere, magnolias coming into bloom, bluebells starting. I didn't get a lot done -- I was watching the wrens and chipmunks out the back window when I was at my computer, and I took a walk in the neighborhood in the morning and at Locust Grove in the afternoon, where the bees were buzzing, the frog who was underwater with eggs in the tadpole nursery last time was poking out of the pond this time, the flowers were in bloom all over the hill, and the earliest bluebells were peeking out (warning: there is a large beetle in these photos):

2021-03-26 16.51.39A

2021-03-26 16.48.18A

2021-03-26 16.49.18A

2021-03-26 16.47.39

2021-03-26 17.10.51A

2021-03-26 17.06.34

2021-03-26 17.04.21

We had samosas and vindaloo for dinner before watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier long distance with Cheryl. It is extremely well done, very well acted, socially relevant, upsetting, moving, and laugh-out-loud funny all at the same time; I'm not sure which was my favorite part, the scene with the therapist that seemed written entirely for fangirls or the scene in Baltimore that hit so many issues with humor and pathos. Then we watched some more Ghosts, which is just straight-up entertaining, plenty of rom-com cliches and occasional moving backstory.

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