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Greetings for Cherry Blossom Season

We had rain on Sunday morning and Sunday evening, but there was a period in the afternoon when it was overcast and warm, so we went looking for local cherry blossoms, which are expected to peak in the next couple of days. The streets in our neighborhood are a bit behind the ones downtown, but the ones around the mansion in Rockville Civic Center are pretty full and the ones in Cabin John Park are stunning. Plus there are daffodils and forsythia everywhere and redbuds starting, so lots of pink and yellow!

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet day, apart from a brief period of thunder and wind when the cats went to hide down the basement. I folded laundry while watching early basketball, and our evening TV after dinner and Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist (better, since Zoe's love life was not a plot point this week) was the Maryland women playing the Texas woman and the Terps lost to the Longhorns by shooting terribly. I would have been okay with losing to Dawn Staley but I really want women's teams coached by women to win.


2021-03-28 14.35.07

2021-03-28 14.56.23


2021-03-28 15.32.15

2021-03-28 14.36.59


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