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Poem for Tuesday and Neighborhood Cherry Blossoms

Sakura at Kan'eji Temple
By Masaoka Shiki
Translated by David G. Lanoue

The cherry blossoms:
Being ill, how many things
I remember about them

Scatter layer
by layer, eight-layered
cherry blossoms

Moon at twilight
a cluster of petals falling
from the cherry tree

cherry blossom petals
blown by the spring breeze against
the undried wall


Monday was a spectacularly beautiful day after the rain of Sunday, cool and breezy. I looked for excuses to take walks, even just to the Pokemon gym, and in the afternoon we walked in a different direction than usual so we could see the cherry blossoms two blocks away coming into full bloom, plus lots of forsythia and hundreds of daffodils.

2021-03-29 17.39.59

2021-03-29 17.47.04

2021-03-29 17.37.15

2021-03-29 17.46.09

2021-03-29 17.44.39

2021-03-29 17.38.26

2021-03-29 17.36.07

We interrupted basketball after dinner to watch the two-hour season finale of Snowpiercer, which had good performances and some decent twists, but if that one cast member is gone next season, I make no promises that I will keep watching; the fact that we're still subjected to LJ and Audrey while female scientists get short shrift pisses me off.

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