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Lyrics for Tuesday and Maryland Zoo Birds

Seven Shades Of Blue
By Beth Nielsen Chapman

I want to hold you now
And listen to you breathe
It's like the ocean sound
Whispering through the trees
In the hollow of your shoulder
There's a tide pool of my tears
Where the waves came crashing over
And the shoreline disappears.

Baby close your eyes
Fly back there with me
Where the phosphor shines
Green flashlights from the sea
Our nets were full of soft shells
And our hearts were free from toil
And we made love on the kitchen table
Till the water reached a boil.

We hold it all for a little while, don't we...
Kiss the dice, taste the rain
Like little knives upon our tongue
We can do no wrong when the lights come on
And the music plays
And we take the stage like we own the place
As if time were cheap and the night forever young.

So let 'em turn my soul
Seven shades of blue
And with the ocean's roll
I will wave to you
And the birds will sing my laughter
And the whales will steal my song
And I'll be ok forever after
And the world will get along.


I'm rewatching Dawson's Creek on Netflix and although most of the pop hits have been replaced because of the way the original music rights were established, a cautionary tale that resulted in this show and Felicity losing much of their soundtracks on DVD/streaming, the song above is still in the episode and since it's the reason I discovered Beth Nielsen Chapman, that alone would be a reason I still love the show. (Mary Beth Maziarz would be another. Jann Arden would be a third, though I do miss the Paula Cole theme song.)

I had a pretty quiet Monday trying to catch up after a busy weekend. Now that all adults in the U.S. are eligible to receive the vaccine, I feel less uncomfortable about saying that I got my second one on Sunday (in Baltimore, which is why we were there and went to the zoo afterward) and while I had an achier arm after the first one, this one made me very sleepy so I had trouble focusing on anything. I am extremely glad to have had the vaccine and to have only small side effects. I got most of the laundry done, at least!

We caught up on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, which is less infuriating this season than last season in that women talk to each other about something other than boys, but I still wish we saw more of Zoey the genius and not always Zoey the daughter/girlfriend/best friend. Then we watched Debris, which is really excellent but I'm also getting stressed about Finola's father and where that is going. Here are some of the birds in the African Journey section of the zoo, some in the aviary and some in the grasslands:








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