The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings from Lakes Whetstone and Washingtonian

Our 20-year-old cat Cinnamon was very sick last night -- she really hadn't eaten all day and had thrown up a lot of what she did eat, but at about 2 a.m. she was standing by the water fountain making miserable noises and we thought the worst. She was calmer in the morning though did not eat breakfast, so I spent all morning trying to track down a vet who would make a house call on the weekend since the emergency vets won't let family members come in with pets and Cinnamon is terrified of both car rides and vets. No one could come, but while I was researching, Cinnamon ate her lunch and some treats and drank plenty of water and looked and sounded much better. So she still has a vet appointment next week, but tonight she is basically her old senior-cat self, and we are very relieved she is not in pain.

We went out to make a couple of stops and discovered that the local geese have started having goslings! We saw at least three families at Washingtonian Lake (there were several adults supervising over a dozen chicks in the grass, plus some in the water) and three families on the boat house side of Lake Whetstone, where we also saw turtles, cormorants, herons in nests in the trees, and a pair of snakes that a little girl pointed out to us. After dinner we Zoomed (well, Google Met) with our kids, who will both be vaccinated in a week, yay! We watched Netflix's show about Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret before SNL, which we didn't realize was a rerun, and now we're very tired from being up very late with Cinnamon who is alternately sleeping and catching up on eating -- she just had 15 treats, which is a lot for her.









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