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Lyrics for Thursday and Baltimore Penguins

By Ed Sheeran

Met her smoking a cigarette
In  a toilet cubicle
Red  dress, tattooed chest
She's beautiful
This ain't the time or place to start a future
But  darling I don't care
Broken  hearts can find a love
To make them whole anywhere

Oh  darling, here we go again
We are only man or woman
And we all make mistakes
Don't you know we're only human
It's  what our hardships say
And when I heard those words and knew them
I could feel your pain
Cause I have felt the same

She said we are penguins on the ice
We're not meant to fly
But god knows we can try
Oh, I see a hope that's in her eyes
Can you feel the love in mine?

She told about her mum and dad
And they sound just like mine
Day by day, exchanging names
We're two souls intertwined
We have both got it wrong
From time to time and let that go
With each other, hand in hand
As we mend broken souls

Darling, here we go again
We are only blood and bones
That cover beating hearts
Scarred by sticks and stones
But we know who we are
I could put you back together
When you come apart
We should make a start now

And it feels like we felt serenity
And some things are not what they seem
My love, right now it's only you and me

She said we are penguins on the ice
We're not meant to fly
But god knows we can try
Oh, I see a hope that's in your eyes
Can you feel the love in mine?


As usual for me these Wednesdays, I had a lovely chat online with my three best high school friends -- one had to go for a while because Jane Goodall was giving a speech in her son's online class and another got several phone calls from out of town relatives, so there were several points when I was only talking to one or another and we covered lots of subjects -- I even got to see one's daughter doing research on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico!

It was over 85 degrees, so we walked in the late afternoon and had Beyond Burgers for dinner. Then we watched The Masked Singer (a recap show, but still enjoyable) before Biden's address to the joint session of Congress, which I enjoyed much more than I expected -- I loved seeing Harris and Pelosi behind him and I appreciate how progressive his agenda is! Here are some of the penguins at the Maryland Zoo the weekend before last:







2021-04-18 13.21.21

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