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Poem for Friday and My Cats

Peacock Island
By Jennifer Kronovet

From the island
he saw the castle

and from the castle
he saw the island.

Some people live
this way—wife/

But this story isn’t

the one I’m telling.
From the island

he saw the castle
and that made him

distant from power
and from the castle

he saw the island
and that made him distant

from imagining
what power can do.

The story I’m telling is
the war coming.

How can you go from
island to castle to island

to castle and not give
birth to a war? No.

I still can’t explain it.


It was very hot on Thursday -- felt like summer -- and most of what I did was unexciting busy work and chores. Our two older cats had a late afternoon appointment with the vet -- Dr. Perl makes house calls and is an extremely nice man -- so although Cinnamon has kidney issues and Daisy once again has an ear infection, it sounds like things aren't as bad as we feared last weekend and Cinnamon probably just ate something that disagreed with her. So we are very relieved!

We took a walk after the vet, talked to a neighbor who's been ill, and we just spent the evening sitting with the cats watching the first round of the NFL Draft, which was weirdly relaxing because I did not care at all about any of it, apart from being pleased that both the Ravens' picks were from Big 10 schools; in general the conference was well-represented. Here are a few random recent photos of the cats, since I haven't posted any in my blog in a while:

2021-04-16 14.25.11

2021-04-06 15.30.17

2021-04-05 17.07.35

2021-04-19 19.59.54

2021-04-07 18.01.11A

2021-02-17 18.56.16

2021-03-06 10.34.47A

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