The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Carderock Deer

By Nick Flynn

You know how it pretends
to have a broken wing to
lure predators away from its
nest, how it staggers just out
of reach . . . if, at this moment,
you’re feeling metaphorical,
nest can be the whatever
inside us that we think needs
protection, the whatever that is
small & hasn’t yet found its
way. Like us it has lived so long
on scraps, on what others have
left behind, it thinks it could live
on air, on words, forever almost,
it thinks it would be better to let
the predator kill it than to turn
its back on that child again,
forgetting that one lives inside
the other.


I had a reasonably enjoyable but very busy day. I gave the rest of my Star Trek books to the same guy I gave the first batch to, and of course we had to talk about the CBS All Access shows and what we don't like about them, then I had a nearly three-hour conversation with my high school friends on a wide range of topics and involving sending old photos back and forth. It was warm and sticky in the morning, then we had a storm and it was windy and gorgeous, so we took a walk to see the azaleas blowing away and the irises blooming.

We watched this week's The Masked Singer, which is now in the phase where everyone deserves to be there so it's all decent performances instead of absolute crack, then we watched some more Shadow and Bone, which remains a mashup of every young adult book/movie franchise you can name (Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Twilight, His Dark Materials, all check) with some pretty scenery and vaguely Russian folktale qualities. Here is a deer we saw by the canal at Carderock over the weekend:





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