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Greetings from Wishing I Was On This Ferry

My Thursday started out great because I got to talk to Deborah, so we caught up on the past couple of months. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful other than picking up the van from the dealer where we left it overnight for service, and stopping in the park on the way home, thinking I'd walk a bit but it was raining so I just played some Pokemon from the car.

I chatted with my fannish friends in the evening, so there was not much TV watching besides silent sports in the background, and now I am so behind that I don't have time to post a poem. Instead here are some photos of the ferry launch to the Olympic Peninsula in Edmonds, Washington, just outside Seattle and visible from a lovely beach with gulls and crabs:




2021-05-30 16.21.11



2021-05-30 16.18.08

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