The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Greetings for Juneteenth

Friday was my parents' 60th wedding anniversary and the federal Juneteenth holiday, so a day for celebration all around! Since Paul discovered Thursday afternoon that he would have the day off, we decided to go to the beach at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis -- a longer drive than we anticipated because of all the Chesapeake Bay Bridge traffic, but not very crowded parking lots and the water was surprisingly warm. We waded and watched boats and ate lunch on the beach!

Then we came home and went to my parents' for dinner (delivered from CPK), talked online to my sister, and tried out the Oculus Nicole got our dad for his birthday, which was enormous fun. When we came home, we watched the Russian romance Silver Skates on Netflix, which borrows cliches from a lot of poor-boy-meets-rich-girl stories but ends up being charming, since the lead looks like Tom Holland and has good chemistry with his rebellious, intelligent romantic interest. A few pics:

2021-06-18 14.32.57

2021-06-18 12.11.46

2021-06-18 13.15.26

2021-06-18 18.21.54

2021-06-18 20.01.23

2021-06-18 19.17.40

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