The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday and Daisy

Arise From Sleep
By Kobayashi Issa

Rise from sleep, old cat,
And with great yawns and stretchings
Amble out for love


My Sunday started okay -- Skyped with the kids, went for a walk along the canal at Carderock, had dinner with my parents -- but we came home and found Daisy looking like she'd slid off the back of the couch, unresponsive and apparently not breathing, and by the time we got her to the emergency vet, she was gone. She was only 14 -- Cinnamon, 20, is the one I'd been worried about -- and we'll probably never know exactly what happened. Here is the first photo I ever took of her, the first photo of her in our house, a photo of her and Rosie, a photo younger son took of her, a photo of her lounging with family, one of the last photos I took of her, and the last photo of me with Daisy, Cinnamon, Katniss, and Effie.

2021-06-20 21.02.45





2020-01-01 23.36.55

2021-05-16 20.56.49

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