The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday and Anniversary Card

Movement Song
By Audre Lorde

I have studied the tight curls on the back of your neck
moving away from me
beyond anger or failure
your face in the evening schools of longing
through mornings of wish and ripen
we were always saying goodbye
in the blood in the bone over coffee
before dashing for elevators going
in opposite directions
without goodbyes.

Do not remember me as a bridge nor a roof
as the maker of legends
nor as a trap
door to that world
where black and white clericals
hang on the edge of beauty in five oclock elevators
twitching their shoulders to avoid other flesh
and now
there is someone to speak for them
moving away from me into tomorrows
morning of wish and ripen
your goodbye is a promise of lightning
in the last angels hand
unwelcome and warning
the sands have run out against us
we were rewarded by journeys
away from each other
into desire
into mornings alone
where excuse and endurance mingle
conceiving decision.
Do not remember me
as disaster
nor as the keeper of secrets
I am a fellow rider in the cattle cars
you move slowly out of my bed
saying we cannot waste time
only ourselves.


Thursday was Paul's and my 31st wedding anniversary. We spent the 30th at the beach during the pandemic, but we have plans this weekend, so it was a quiet day with a huge afternoon thunderstorm that knocked power out to our local food store though thankfully not to our house. In the late afternoon we went to pick up Rosie's ashes from the animal hospital. We weren't in the mood for a celebratory dinner, so we ate stuff we had in the house.

Then we watched The Tomorrow War, which the reviews said was predictable and derivative and that was just what we were in the mood for: it's like Terminator meets Edge of Tomorrow with a bunch of alien warg battles, and while some things were projected in the first couple of minutes, my big prediction about it turned out to be wrong, so there's that. Here's my day in photos, including my Loki anniversary card and present:


2021-07-01 13.44.42

2021-07-01 18.14.56

2021-07-01 18.28.31

2021-07-01 20.34.21

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