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Poem for Wednesday and Underground Railroad Trail

The Gospel Train
Adapted by John Chamberlain

The Gospel train’s a’comin’
I hear it just at hand
I hear the car wheel rumblin’
And rollin’ thro’ the land

Get on board little children
Get on board little children
Get on board little children
There's room for many more

I hear the train a’comin'
She's comin' round the curve
She's loosened all her steam and brakes
And strainin' ev'ry nerve

The fare is cheap and all can go
The rich and poor are there
No second class aboard this train
No difference in the fare

Get on board little children
Get on board little children
Get on board little children
There's room for many more


My Tuesday was pretty quiet -- I had a bunch of things I had to get done, I had lunch with my husband, I chased squirrels off bird feeders, I tried to convince the cats to eat their own food and not someone else's. We needed to go to the food store, so in the late afternoon of this 90+ degree day, we took a walk on the shady side of Cabin John Park before heading to Giant. Then I took a shower before dinner, which was leftovers.

My Voyager group watched "Tuvix" though we had to do it on Zoom because Google Meet is now limiting groups to one hour, and while one of us had a paid Zoom account, no one had a paid Google account. Afterward we watched some of the All-Star Game, then the delightful season premiere of Miracle Workers. The hollow tree and other sights along the Underground Railroad Experience Trail near Woodlawn Manor:

2021-07-10 17.31.04

2021-07-10 17.30.10




2021-07-10 17.22.26


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