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Poem for Wednesday and Baby Bunnies

Rabbit Is Up to Tricks
By Joy Harjo

In a world long before this one, there was enough for everyone,
Until somebody got out of line.
We heard it was Rabbit, fooling around with clay and wind.
Everybody was tired of his tricks and no one would play with him;
He was lonely in this world.
So Rabbit thought to make a person.
And when he blew into the mouth of the crude figure to see
What would happen,
The clay man stood up.
Rabbit showed the clay man how to steal a chicken.
The clay man obeyed.
Rabbit showed him how to steal corn.
The clay man obeyed.
Then he showed him how to steal someone else’s wife.
The clay man obeyed.
Rabbit felt important and powerful.
Clay man felt important and powerful.
And once that clay man started he could not stop.
Once he took that chicken he wanted all the chickens.
And once he took that corn he wanted all the corn.
And once he took that wife, he wanted all the wives.
He was insatiable.
Then he had a taste of gold and he wanted all the gold.
Then it was land and anything else he saw.
His wanting only made him want more.
Soon it was countries, then it was trade.
The wanting infected the earth.
We lost track of the purpose and reason for life.
We began to forget our songs. We forgot our stories.
We could no longer see or hear our ancestors,
Or talk with each other across the kitchen table.
Forests were being mowed down all over the world.
And Rabbit had no place to play.
Rabbit’s trick had backfired.
Rabbit tried to call the clay man back.
But when the clay man wouldn’t listen,
Rabbit realized he’d made a clay man with no ears.


Tuesday was pretty quiet around here, in part because of the heat and in part because I got distracted watching Olympics coverage though I should never have gone on Twitter while Simone Biles was trending and every racist on the internet was there. Also, every idiot who can't comprehend a CDC announcement was blathering conspiracy theories, including a lot of people who should know better. We watched some of the gymnastics reruns and some live swimming (Katie Ledecky grew up 10 minutes from me) and took a walk as late as possible to keep cool.

Running late this evening because I watched Voyager's "Resolutions" with several of my friends from when the episode first aired, who joined my usual rewatch group, plus a couple of JetC people I didn't know who are friends of friends. That was awesome -- like a mini-reunion only of people from my own corner of fandom, and while some of the people I was closest with are gone (I keenly felt Becky's absence), it's delightful to share that episode the way we once did. Thanks, Kate Mulgrew, I owe you for that. Here are some baby bunnies from my cul-de-sac:

2021-07-26 18.08.03

2021-07-26 18.07.37

2021-07-26 18.06.58

2021-07-26 18.05.58

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