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Greetings from Boonsboro

Saturday was a spectacularly beautiful day, so after a bunch of chores in the morning while reading some 9/11 tributes, we drove to Boonsboro, a beautiful Washington County town with a central park straddling a creek, for Boonesborough Days, the free festival of crafts, food, and local history -- a bit smaller this year because of the pandemic, no antique car show and not as many vendors, but still lots of woodcrafts, clothing, plants, fairy houses, plus astronomers, raptor rehabilitators, and people grinding buckwheat with a portable grist mill from 100 years ago. I bought chain mail earrings from a seller I've bought from before.

Then we drove to nearby South Mountain Creamery, which now has goats in addition to the cows who produce the aforementioned cream, though currently there are no chickens or piglets that we saw. There were several families with kids who had made reservations to bottle-feed the calves, so there was a wait to get ice cream, but the Coconut Joy was worth it! When we got home we ate leftover Thai food and watched some football (Maryland won by a huge score but it wasn't televised), plus Under the Tuscan Sun because I had never seen it and the Amalfi Coast stars in it just as much as Diane Lane and Lindsay Duncan.

2021-09-11 15.30.47

2021-09-11 14.54.11

2021-09-11 14.57.05A

2021-09-11 14.52.38

2021-09-11 16.50.43

2021-09-11 16.48.49

2021-09-11 16.08.58

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