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Poem for Thursday and Poolesville Frogs

In the Evening
By William Reichard

The night air is filled
with the scent of apples,
and the moon is nearly full.

In the next room, Jim
is reading; a small cat sleeps
in the crook of his arm.

The night singers are loud,
proclaiming themselves
every evening until they run

out of nights and die in
the cold, or burrow down into
the mud to dream away the winter.

My office is awash in books
and photographs, and the sepia/pink
sunset stains all its light touches.

I’ve never been a good traveler,
but there are days, like this one,
when I’d pay anything to be in

another country, or standing on
the cold, grey moon, staring back
at the disaster we call our world.

We crave change, but
turn away from it.
We drown in contradictions.

Tonight, I’ll sleep
blanketed in moonlight.
In my dreams, I’ll have

nothing to say about anything
important. I’ll simply live my life,
and let the night singers live theirs,

until all of us are gone.
I won’t say a word, and let
silence speak in my stead.


My Wednesday involved a lot of chores and a bunch of computer work with photo programs, but I got to talk to two of my high school friends at lunchtime, which is always delightful (the third was having a crazy day). It was hot but nice out and we got to see several bunnies as well as pet several dogs.

We caught up on this week's Stargirl, which we had missed when it aired, then the season finale of LEGO Masters, which I would have liked better if Zack and Wayne had won as they deserved all season or if Jacob and Caleb had won based on their last build -- this season really felt predetermined.

And we watched this week's What If...?, which I enjoyed though it was another dark one. I don't understand how Michael B. Jordan can be so sexy as a cartoon, and I loved getting to see Ramonda kick ass! Plus Shuri and Pepper both get more to do, and I enjoyed Cheadle Rhodey in Iron Man. McKee-Beshers frogs:








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