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Poem for Wednesday and Countryside Artisans Yarns

A Good Yarn
By Keith Shorrocks Johnson

'Life is like a tangled ball of wool
That begins with nothing and ends with nothing':
Be sure then that these threads
Are knitted into the headscarf and socks of infinity
With humility, humanity and good deeds
And if you can unravel at times
To entertain a kitten, do so.


Tuesday was as cool as Monday, overcast and dark, which made me sleepy while I was doing laundry and cleaning up things I ignored over the long weekend. Nothing much exciting went on until afternoon, when we watched some baseball (*cries* White Sox), took a walk, looked at neighborhood Halloween decorations, and watched some more baseball (*cries* Brewers, or more precisely *cries* stuck with the Braves).

We ate leftover Chinese food courtesy my parents for dinner, then I watched Voyager's "Sacred Ground" with my Tuesday night fan group, which is still an enjoyable if flawed episode (hokey but a nice change from know-it-all Starfleet and a good Kate performance). Now the Dodgers have beaten the Giants, so at least one game went as I wanted it to! Some of the yarn from Dancing Leaf, Heron's Meadow, and Breezy Hill farms:

2021-10-10 16.26.18

2021-10-10 16.32.59A

2021-10-10 16.26.25

2021-10-10 14.59.44A

2021-10-10 13.45.55A

2021-10-10 13.45.32

2021-10-10 15.36.37

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