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Poem for Tuesday

Shorten Sail
By George Bubb Dodington, Lord Melcombe

Love thy country, wish it well,
  Not with too intense a care;
'Tis enough that, when it fell,
  Thou its ruin didst not share.

Envy's censure, Flattery's praise,
  With unmoved indifference view:
Learn to tread Life's dangerous maze
  With unerring Virtue's clue.

Void of strong desire and fear,
  Life's wide ocean trust no more;
Strive thy little bark to steer
  With the tide, but near the shore.

Thus prepared, thy shorten'd sail
  Shall, whene'er the winds increase,
Seizing each propitious gale,
  Waft thee to the port of Peace.

Keep thy conscience from offence
  And tempestuous passions free,
So, when thou art call'd from hence,
  Easy shall thy passage be.

Easy shall thy passage be,
  Cheerful thy allotted stay,
Short the account 'twixt God and thee,
  Hope shall meet thee on thy way.


Today I experienced the great amusement of parents' visiting day at our younger son's elementary school while apaulled went to middle school with our older son. I have been in my son's classroom many times while class was in session, but visiting day is its own animal, where absolutely nothing works like a typical day even though the teachers go out of their way to demonstrate "a typical day." Among the pleasures were this account of our summer vacation, one square in a "quilt" of similar collages made by the class:

As you can see, spelling is not one of my younger son's priorities. My older son used to hate to write, because he wanted everything spelled perfectly and written perfectly, but the younger one couldn't care about the finer details and often writes elaborate stories involving magical creatures and characters that could be in video games.

There's a book fair at the school this week that we all visited this evening, with a play date in the afternoon and homework and dinner and the usual carpool chaos in between. And I wrote an article and the site columns for TrekToday; rather than reproduce what I said there I think I shall simply link to my very brief obituary for Christopher Reeve.

Have spent the past several hours with Vote For Change on -- some amazing performances, some all right, but for the most part enjoyable both musically and politically. Got some chores done but am ages behind on comments and haven't really read my friends list in two days...I am very sorry if I missed any major events or fic! Shall endeavor to catch up tomorrow. Here, the fruit of the tree of knowledge, with lyrics by October Project.

Only ever really one story: a boy and a girl and a dream of the world,

An apple, a kiss, a moment of sky, a moment you choose without knowing why...

And God said the reason had hung from the tree, but I feel the reason hanging on me,

I am free of my innocence, fallen too far,

I am helpless to change, I am hopelessly lost, I am all that you are.

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