The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday

A Flower Given To My Daughter
By James Joyce

Frail the white rose and frail are
Her hands that gave
Whose soul is sere and paler
Than time's wan wave.

Rosefrail and fair -- yet frailest
A wonder wild
In gentle eyes thou veilest,
My blueveined child.


I am very frustrated with The Snape Story (likely title of the whole damn thing: Animi Causa) for a whole host of reasons. But I feel like kicking it to the curb for a month to try to do NaNoWriMo is just going to make things worse: I'm going to have Snape giving me guilt, talking over the voices of my own characters, and I really want to finish the first draft of the whole damn thing while I still have a clear image of where it's going. To that end, since I was tired this week of struggling with T&C 13, I went back and worked on Initiation 6, which I will post later today (likely title: "Gamesmanship"). It's not betaed, not polished, mostly Lucius/Severus PWP, sort of there as a placeholder so I can post parts 7 and 8 and T&C 13-15 in logical procession. At that point I will be able to say that the whole damn thing is finished and just needs to be revised -- "just," I know, ha ha, but I have always been very good at revision (obsessive even, I have never gotten past chapter four on a novel because I rewrite the first parts over and over), so I know I can do it from there. I want to be able to say "I wrote (well, co-wrote) a fan novel." I am operating under the perhaps delusional belief that if I can do that, writing an original novel will not daunt me in the same way.

Yesterday...was a Monday. Did work. Did laundry. Drove carpool. Took brief diversion to put my out-of-town parents' trash cans back in their garage after the trash was picked up in the morning. Showed the kids parts of Bob Roberts relevant to the upcoming election, marveling anew at how the parts of that movie that seemed really excessive and over the top when I first saw it now seem absolutely prescient. Wish Tim Robbins would run for president on the side of the good guys (of which he is one) because he has that politician persona down pat.

Right now I am going out to lunch with vertigo66, the lunch we were supposed to have for her birthday except we both had children with us. Today we don't!

The goats at Phillips farm...

...named Clark and Kent... well as turkeys and chicks...


...calves (that word looks funny! calfs? baby cows?)...

...and a bunny.

Plus a barn to keep them all in.

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