October 29th, 2002

little review

First Post

So after getting introduced to all the classy people on Blogger, I realized that all my friends were on LiveJournal, and besides, Blogger's editing software sucks. So here I am. Can't stay long now though. Still trying to catch up from two weeks of doing absolutely nothing while the sniper ran around keeping everyone indoors. Got used to the hours slipping away. The one night we went out to dinner, at IHOP when we discovered we were out of chicken, we were thinking about how we could get shot right through the paper blinds. The place was nearly empty.

Better to stay home and watch movies. Current obsessions obvious on my web page. How come Viggo Mortensen's character dies in every single readily-available movie that he's in? I've now watched him die in Daylight, Albino Alligator, A Perfect Murder and Deception, and it's starting to get on my nerves. And he's always a bad guy, though not as bad as the luscious Sean Bean. I hadn't realized how much Peter Jackson was casting against type. Brilliantly. Can't wait for the next two. Ah well, maybe I'll go find some more LOTR fic like plasticChevy's "The Captain and the King". If anyone knows any please send links.

Worked in the kids' school library today, where book fair was going on -- discovered that Lois Gould has written a companion to The Giver (not a sequel, that's what she calls it). Bought it of course. Who knows when I'll get to read it; I have to review Sherwood Forest for GMR next. Rewrote part of my M.A. thesis as a review of The Left Hand of Darkness for GMR yesterday, had forgotten that it was actually pretty good (the thesis that is; the book is phenomenal, must put that on my "to reread" list if I ever get through the "to read" list). Thinking about reviewing With Roots in Heaven, but I can't get myself in the mood to explain it as folklore. I'm so gaia!

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Two days till NaNoWriMo and I don't even have a coherent outline. Crap. Blew off last night watching Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was superb; tonight I'm sure I'll blow off everything for Buffy and Smallville, and then tomorrow I have to transcribe Bruce Davison for TrekWeb before I can do anything creative.
little review

Books in the pile

Lisa DiDio, Sherwood Forest (for review for GMR)
Wolfram Von Eschenbach, Parzival (because I've never gotten around to reading it)
Lois Lowry, Gathering Blue (a companion to The Giver, picked up at my kids' school book fair)
Roger Kamenetz, Stalking Elijah (my Jewish mystical thought for the month)

No point in listing movies -- I'm saving all my money for the inevitable multiple viewings of Harry Potter and Two Towers, plus maybe Trek X if it looks tolerable.