October 31st, 2002

little review

Happy Halloween!

Had to review last night and HAVE to transcribe an interview today before 1:00 so I can go to the Halloween parade and both kids' parties at school, then have Hebrew school carpool in the afternoon and trick-or-treaters start coming as early as 5 p.m. I'm hoping I have time to light candles and clear my head late at night. Where did this week go?!

Had to do these quizzes together. Oh yeah, my man!

Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

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Unfortunately they didn't have a category where you could have Aragorn AND Boromir. Damn. But:



If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Boromir, Man of Gondor, proud heir to the Steward Denethor II, and elder brother of Faramir.

In the movie, I am played by Sean Bean.

Who would you be?
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The first time I took the quiz, I was Celeborn, but I changed the answers because if Aragorn is my ideal mate, that won't do at all! *snerk* Collapse )
little review

Trick Or

It's barely 7:15 and most of our four big bags of candy are gone. EEK! Hope the kids bring home lots of lollipops. I'm wearing my Captain Janeway uniform, wishing I had a Kai Winn outfit. The hat alone would make my Halloween.

Don't telemarketers EVER take a break? And which idiots connected with the congressional races thought Halloween would be a good night to call and harrass voters?

Thursday night is Dawson's Creek night in my house because Wednesdays at 8 we're watching Enterprise. After a long day of kid-related Halloween activities, I figure I'm entitled to my regular Thursday night date with Dawson. May I just say how happy I am that Dawson and Joey are both dating other people and that Pacey and Audrey are on the verge of a breakup? Last year's couples were so painfully atrocious, I wasn't sure I could keep watching the show, even though it's been my favorite guilty mindless fix for going on five years now (and I have discovered a great deal of music I really love from the show -- that and the exterior shots of the water in NC used to be why I watched, but now they rarely do exteriors, and when they do they try to pretend it's Boston so no sunset on the water).

I'm not sure whether Katie Holmes is the worst screen kisser in the history of television or if she just doesn't like kissing the regulars on DC, but she always looked like she thought Jack and Pacey might give her cooties and her kisses with Dawson in the season premiere...let's just say I shared Television Without Pity's sense that it would be less painful to tear my eyeballs out than keep watching. If the producers wanted to convince viewers that Dawson and Joey really should not, should never be together, they succeeded admirably! They can't pair them up with other people quickly enough now, though gosh it would be nice for once to see one of the women on that show NOT relationship-oriented (not that I think there's sexism involved because the men are just as relationship-oriented if not more so).

I missed Jack's professor tonight. I was a little worried when it became obvious that he returned Jack's affections because the show has not exactly been responsible with dealing with the consequences of teacher-student affairs in terms of how they affect students (Pacey gloriously loses his virginity while Tamara gets fired; Joey gets idyllic memories of man who thinks she's perfect). But this storyline with Jack, they had the (closeted gay) prof in a situation where the potential for exploitation was clear, and Jack said so, and I thought it was just going to be the token "Okay, teachers sometimes DO take advantage of their students and doesn't it just figure it's the gay character who gets stuck with this plot." Instead they had this killer scene where the prof reminded Jack that when he was young, people didn't come out on MTV (and there wasn't this big supportive online community). Made me remember what high school was like when I was there -- I'm closer to Jack's professor's age than I am to Jack's. God the world has changed for the better. I really felt for this guy.

What Element Are You?

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