November 14th, 2002

little review


Poem for the Day: I'm in a Tennyson mood.

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Last night's Enterprise: sigh. Clear effort being made to deal with Real Trek Themes. Unfortunately the Berman/Braga team neither understand nor like Real Trek Themes. "I know...let's do episodes about how the Prime Directive came into existence so we can show how stupid it makes captains behave!"

I am...

I'm Viggo Mortensen!

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?

Whenever I take these Fellowship actor quizzes, they tell me that I am Viggo Mortensen and I want to do Sean Bean. I am not going to think too much about what this means.

I wonder if Viggo would be Yoda? I bet Sean, like me, would be:

han solo
:: how jedi are you? ::