November 20th, 2002

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Poem for Wednesday

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Another public service announcement from a couple of mailing lists: the Easter Eggs on the LOTR extended DVD!

On Disc 1, go to the Scene Selections menus, and highlight the horizontal picture of Chapter 27 (the last chapter on Disc 1). Press DOWN to highlight a Ring icon. Click on the Ring to see the MTV Movie Award version of Elrond's secret council with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

On Disc 2, go to the Scene Selections menus, and highlight the number for Chapter 40 (last chapter on Disc 2). Press DOWN on your remote to highlight an icon of the two towers. Press ENTER to see a preview of THE TWO TOWERS that was shown in theaters last February.

On Discs 3 and 4, go to the Main Menu, and highlight the diamond-shaped icon at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon to access the DVDs' production credits.


Who's your inner gay man?

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Cool! Gacked from vertigo66. I was hoping to be Derek Jarman but I guess he's not a choice. At least I'm not Justin Timberlake, who is, despite his alleged heterosexuality. She and I hung out today and she tried to convince me that the guy who stars with James Van Der Beek in Rules of Attraction is straight. If so, he's not doing a very good job of looking it. I still want Viggo.